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Lab. nameDrug discovery of enzyme inhibitors 
Principal Investigator Maria Paola Costi 
ComponentsMaria Paola Costi  (Principal Investigator )
Donatella Tondi  (Ricercatore )
DescriptionWe are interested in the discovery of new leads/drug candidates in the area of cancer and infectious diseases using known and advanced methodologies. Our main targets are the folate pathways in different organisms: Thymidylate synthase (TS)/others for cancer targeting; Pteridine reductase/Dihydrofolate reductase dual specific targets in trypanosomatidic infections, FDTS/ThyX in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (collaboration: Thydock Pharma). -lactamase inhibitors discovery for antinfective combinations with -lactam antibiotics (collaboration: B.K.Shoichet) and ligand discovery in biosensor design for drug resistance detection (collaboration:Tydock Pharma). Our main activities are: drug design, synthesis, enzymology, drug-target interaction studies (spectrophotometric techniques, ITC), MS proteomics. New concepts we are developing are: a) identification of protein-protein interaction inhibitors targeting TS. b) setting up of an advanced path for drug discovery were lead compounds are developed using target-based assays and cell-based biomarkers studies (collaboration: Giuseppe Cannazza, Domenico D'Arca, Gaetano Marverti, Glauco Ponterini). c) Translational research through proteomic studies in ovarian cancer (collaboration:CIGS, Lorena Losi, Eliana Leo) for unique marker tool discoveries.  
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsAntinfectives drugs discovery, Anticancer drugs discovery, Folate dependent proteins, Enzyme inhibition, Proteomic biomarkers 
ERC Sectors 
InstrumentationSynthetic chemistry lab: 1.In parallel synthetizer (Buchi), 2. Biotage (Isolera); Enzymology: 1.Akta Prime, 2. Semba (protein purification), 3. Spectramax 190 (Multiplate reader), 4. Genios Pro (Tecan) (multiplate reader), 5. Beckman 640, 6.Isothermal Tritration Calorimeter (Microcal), 7. Beckman centrifuge; Computational Chemistry: 2 workstations; Microscopio: motic smz168 
Research Lines Drug discovery, analysis, delivery and molecular engineering platforms

Methodologies 1.Drug Design, 2. Synthetic chemistry, 3. Protein purification, 4. Enzymology and enzyme kinetic, 5. Drug target interaction studies: 5a. isothermal tritration calorimetry, 5b. Uv-Vis spectroscopy, 5c. Fluorescence spectroscopy, 6. target-based medium thorughput screening, 7. Mass Spectrometry proteomic 
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