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Lab. nameMicrobial Biotechnologies and Fermentation Technologies 
Principal Investigator Maddalena Rossi 
ComponentsMaddalena Rossi  (Principal Investigator )
Alberto Amaretti  (Ricercatore )
Stefano Raimondi  (Ricercatore )
Alan Leonardi  (Ricercatore )
DescriptionResearch activity focuses on the following topics: - fermentative processes for the production of metabolites and/or enzymes with nutraceutical, agro-food, and industrial interest, in particular with the utilization of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. - function of gut microbiota, probiotics, and prebiotics: application of culture dependent and indepentent techniques to study probiotics and prebiotics, the physiology and the metabolism of intestinal population, to develope innovative probiotic strains with peculiar healthy effects - microbial starters for food biopreservation and transformation, food microbiota composition, and traceability of the starters. 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 103 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsProbiotics, microbiota,starters,fermentation technology,  
ERC Sectors LS6_7 Microbiology LS6_7 Microbiology LS6_9 Bacteriology LS8_10 Microbial ecology and evolution LS9_1 Non-medical biotechnology and genetic engineering (including transgenic organisms, recombinant proteins, biosensors, bioreactors, microbiology) LS9_5 Food sciences (including food technology, nutrition)  
Instrumentation- Microbiology: anaerobic cabinet, 2 laminar flow cabinets, static and shaking incubators, phase contrast and epifluorescence microscope with image acquisition system - 9 laboratory-scale stirred tank bioreactors - Electrophoresis equipment for nucleic acids and proteins (agarose electrophoresis, PFGE, DGGE, 2DE-MS, densitometer, gel imaging system) - 3 termocyclers for PCR and qPCR - Analytics: microtiter, UV-VIS, HPLC-RID, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, Akta System - Sample preparation: stomacher, freeze dryer, 2 6-liters centrifuges, 2 benchtop centrifuges, rotovapor 
Research Lines Drug discovery, analysis, delivery and molecular engineering platforms

Plant, animal and microbial research for functional and sustainable food

Methodologies General microbiology methodology (isolation and cultivation of mesophilic and extremophilic, aerobes and anaerobes microbes); Fermentation technology (bioreactor cultures in batch, fed-batch and continuous condition); General Molecular Biology Techniques (DNA cloning and expression, PCR, electrophoresis of DNA, RNA); Protein expression in microbial host (purification, biochemical characterization, SDS-PAGE); Culture independent Techniques for description of microbial community (FISH, RAPD-PCR, TRFLP, DGGE, q-PCR, analysis of metagenome datasets); Analytical Techniques (GC-MS, HPLC, HPLC-MS, SPME, Purge and Trap)