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Roscoff Biological Station Summer courses

Registration for our summer courses 2020 are now open until the 30th of March. All the information can be found on our webpages see link below. In attachment you will also find posters in French and English and a tutorial to help your student to candidate on the e-candidat platform.

EXPERTISE IN MARINE FLORA 13 - 31 JULY- Head teacher Nathalie Simon  http://www.sb-roscoff.fr/en/marine-flora

EXPERTISE IN MARINE FAUNA 5-27 AUGUST - Head teacher Ann Andersen

These courses are open to master's students and Phd student, 3rd year undergraduate student can also apply but will have to provide a statement of their degree validation before the start of the course.

Do not hesitate to tell your student they can contact me at this address  ccabresin@sb-roscoff.fr  if they have questions.


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