Master degree in Food Control and Safety

Are you interested in the protection of food quality and safety? The Master's Degree course in Food Control and Safety (LM-70) of the Department of Life Sciences provides specialized skills in the field of food technologies in order to ensure the quality of food products at all industrial stages.

Indeed, the control and safety of foods require basic skills and knowledge for the correct management of food production, knowledge on the application of self-control and traceability systems, skills to support product and process innovation, also in a perspective of foreign markets.

To provide these skills, the course integrates lectures, guided visits to companies of the sector and laboratory trainings during which students can explore the topics covered from a practical-application point of view, and offers students in-depth seminars on specific innovative topics taught by experts working in the food sector.

Finally, the student’s formation is completed with the development of a thesis project, performed at a university research laboratory, or in collaboration with public bodies in charge of control or in collaboration with companies of the sector.


Dean: Prof. Andrea Pulvirenti
Student Office:
Admissions Advisor: Prof. Giancarlo Manicardi
Tutors: Prof. Andrea Pulvirenti - Prof. Domenico Pietro Lo Fiego - Dott.ssa Francesca Masino - Prof.ssa Patrizia Fava


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