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Bachelor's degree in Tecnologie Agrarie e degli Alimenti

The Degree Course in Agricultural and Food Sciences and Technologies includes two curricula:

-Agricultural technologies
-Food technology

It consists of a common two-year period during which the fundamental knowledge is acquired through the basic disciplines (mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology) and those characterizing the different areas (agricultural plant and animal production, defense of productions, food processing and technologies, economics) necessary for an overall vision and understanding of the agri-food system.

During the third year, the student deepens one of the two fields (agriculture or food industry) choosing from the proposed curricula:

- Agricultural technologies, which leads to deepen the knowledge and skills relative to the whole agricultural sector through the typical teachings in the spheres of agronomy, zootechnics, eco-compatible protection, rural engineering, with a view to developing a competitive and sustainable agricultural system.

- Food Technologies, which addresses knowledge and skills on the transformation of agricultural production through the typical teachings in the spheres of food technology, engineering, microbiology, broad-spectrum analytical field, food packaging, with a view to responsible and innovative management of food quality.

The course includes a training internship in affiliated companies or institutions that constitutes a significant opportunity for direct knowledge of the world of work. The bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences and Technologies carries out technical management and control tasks in production, conservation and distribution activities in the agri-food sector. The general professional role is to contribute to this sector by the constant improvement of agricultural production and food products in a quantitative, qualitative and economic manner, guaranteeing its overall sustainability also thanks to the implementation of innovations.


Dean: Prof.ssa Elisabetta Sgarbi
Student Office: didattica.dsv.re@unimore.it
Admissions Advisor: Prof. Lara Maistrello
Tutors:  Prof. Gian Carlo ManicardiProf.ssa Luisa Antonella Volpelli - Prof Giorgia Foca - Prof Laura Arru - Prof Enrico Francia

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