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Lab. nameCell Biology 
Principal Investigator Sergio Ferrari 
ComponentsSergio Ferrari  (Principal Investigator )
DescriptionResearch in S. Ferrari lab concerns the study of human normal myeloid differentiation. Since 2000 he developed, in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, the methodology of DNA microarrays and the bioinformatics tools for data analysis. These studies have been applied to the genetic control of normal myelopoiesis and particularly to the study of hemopoietic stem cells obtained from different sources (peripheral blood and cord blood). Actually is doing research on specific hemopoietic transcription factors and miRNA involved in the commitment phase of hemopoietic stem cell and, based on different methodological approaches, to try to define the genetic programs underlying the lineage choice of HSC and therefore the differentiation plasticity. Recently a genome wide approach to the study of transcription regulation of gene expression in normal myelopoiesis has been developed using several bioinformatic tools altogether with a systems biology approach. Moreover positional effect of gene expression and chromosome territories arrangement are actually the object of his investigation in normal and leukemic myeloid cells in collaboration with prof. Thomas Cremer (LMU-Muenchen).  
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
Keywordsmyelopoiesis, trancription factors, miRNA, nuclear architecture, positional effect, chromosome territories 
ERC Sectors 
InstrumentationN. 2 graphic workstations; N. 1 Nucleofector II amaxa biosystems; N. 1 ABBOTT MOLECULAR Thermobrite StatSpin 
Research Lines Translational Medicine

Methodologies Gene function and miRNA analysis, positional effect and nuclear architecture studies