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Laboratorio di ricerca

Lab. nameBioinformatics Core Lab 
Principal Investigator Silvio Bicciato 
ComponentsSilvio Bicciato  (Principal Investigator )
Jimmy Caroli  (Dottorando )
Mattia Forcato  (Ricercatore )
Chiara Nicoletti  (Assegnista )
Oriana Romano  (Assegnista )
Andrea Grilli  (Assegnista )
DescriptionThe research activity focuses on the development of bioinformatics tools for the analysis of complex biological systems. Specifically, we design, deploy, and apply computational procedures for the analysis of genomics data from high-throughput technologies as microarray and Next Generation sequencing. Applications are mostly in the area of molecular oncology and functional genomics. 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsBioinformatics, computational biology, genomics 
ERC Sectors LS2_10 Bioinformatics LS2_11 Computational biology LS2_13 Systems biology LS2_14 Biological systems analysis, modelling and simulation  
InstrumentationComputer cluster for High Performance Computing 
Research Lines Translational Medicine

Methodologies Computational biology Bioinformatics Functional genomics