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Lab. nameBotany and In vitro culture 
Principal Investigator Elisabetta Sgarbi 
ComponentsElisabetta Sgarbi  (Principal Investigator )
Giulia Santunione  (Dottorando )
DescriptionThe research activities of Botany and In vitro culture Laboratory mainly focus on Plant biodiversity conservation, with reference to: -ex situ plant biodiversity conservation by means of in vitro techniques: i) dormancy breaking and seed germination; ii) development of in vitro propagation systems for production of plants; iii) seed banking of wheat grains (Germplasm Bank - biogest-siteia Lab.) and terrestrial orchids seeds. -in situ plant biodiversity conservation and valorization of rare and threatened wetlands, i.e. water springs (in Italian: fontanili, fontanazzi) inside SIC (Sites of Community Importance) in Reggio Emilia, in collaborative agreements with local governance. Other investigations assess the effects of urban woods and green infrastructures in counteracting the impacts of climate changes in the urban environment (in agreement with Reggio Emilia municipality). Currently, studies on plant-environment relationships are carried out. They are pursued to evaluate the response to abiotic stress (UV-B radiation and pollutants) in plant cells, using in vitro culture systems. Particular attention is addressed to phenolic compounds, pigments and other metabolites involved in stress response.  
Addressvia J. F. Kennedy, 17 - 42124 Reggio Emilia 
Keywordsplant biology, biodiversity, in vitro culture, seeds bank, micromorphology 
ERC Sectors LS8_4 Biodiversity, conservation biology, conservation genetics, invasion biology LS9_4 Plant sciences (including crop production, plant breeding, agroecology, soil biology)  
InstrumentationLaminar air flow cabinet, autoclave, climatic chambers, dewar and transfer line for liquid N use.  
Research Lines Agrifood and Environment

Methodologies • Plant cell culture: micropropagation, also with use of bioreactors, organogenesis in vitro, synthetic seed technology, cryopreservation. • Seed conservation techniques. • Electronic Microscopy (SEM), Light Microscopy