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Lab. nameDevelopmental and comparative immunology and neuro-endocrinology  
Principal Investigator Davide Malagoli 
ComponentsDavide Malagoli  (Principal Investigator - Professore Associato SSD BIO/06 )
Antonella Franchini  (Membro - Professore Associato SSD BIO/06 )
Aurora Pederzoli  (Membro - Professore Associato SSD BIO/06 )
Lucrezia Mola  (Membro - Professore Associato SSD BIO/06 )
Description1.Characterization and evolution of the immune and neuroendocrine response of non-mammalian Metazoans 2.Basic mechanisms of cell death 3.Analysis of repair processes in different developmental stages of Amphibian species. 4. Analysis of molecules involved in osmotic control in lancelet. 5. Neuroendocrinology in teleost larvae 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsInvertebrates, Vertebrates, Developmental Biology, Immunity, Neuro-endocrinology 
ERC Sectors LS3_9 Development, developmental genetics, pattern formation and embryology in animals LS4_3 Endocrinology LS5_1 Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology LS5_6 Developmental neurobiology LS6_1 Innate immunity and inflammation LS6_2 Adaptive immunity LS6_3 Phagocytosis and cellular immunity LS8_3 Systems evolution, biological adaptation, phylogenetics, systematics, comparative biology  
InstrumentationStereo-microscope Stemi 2000-C (Zeiss) rotative microtome, HM 310 Microm and 2045 Leica Ovens for histology (Bio Optica) Cytospin 2 (Shandon) Scale balances, pHmeters Cryostate CM 1510 S (Leica) Light microscopes (Olympus, Zeiss) Digital camera “Nikon” mod. DS-5M and “Sony” CCD-IRIS mod. DXX-107A Luminometer "Luminoskan Ascent®" (Thermo Electron Corporation, Vantaa) Gaussmeter "FW Bell" mod. DG 7010 (probe: 0,1 mGauss) Electric field generator "California Instruments" mod. 801 RP-F  
Research Lines Agrifood and Environment

Methodologies Histological, cytochemical, immunocytochemical techniques, functional assays (image analysis, phagocytosis test), cell cultures, nucleic acid extraction and purification, PCR, gene clonin.Western blot