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Lab. nameEvolutionary Zoology  
Principal Investigator Lorena Rebecchi 
ComponentsLorena Rebecchi  (Responsabile - Professore associato )
Roberto Guidetti  (Collaboratore - Professore associato )
Michele Cesari  (Collaboratore - Borsista di ricerca )
Lucia Piemontese  (Collaboratore - Dottoranda )
Ilaria Giovannini  (Collaboratore )
Edoardo Massa  (Collaboratore )
Roberto Bertolani  (Collaboratore esterno - Professore Emerito )
DescriptionEvolutionary biology is the main topic of the research activity. Interests have been focused on several aspects of animal biology integrating field research and laboratory experimentation. The main research topics are: dormancy and life history traits of micrometazons; physiological, biochemical and genetic adaptive mechanisms evolved by animals to inhabit stochastic and “hostile to life” environments; detection of “natural” molecules working as bio-protectants against stressful conditions; space biology; reproductive biology; taxonomy, phylogenetic and biogeographical reconstruction integrating morphological and molecular data; DNA barcoding; alien species with particular attention to insect alien pests. 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 213/d - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsZoology, Evolution, Molecular and morphological phylogeny, Extreme environment adapations, Space Biology 
ERC Sectors LS8_2 Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics LS8_3 Systems evolution, biological adaptation, phylogenetics, systematics, comparative biology LS8_4 Biodiversity, conservation biology, conservation genetics, invasion biology LS8_5 Evolutionary biology: evolutionary ecology and genetics, co-evolution LS8_6 Biogeography, macro-ecology  
Instrumentation5 stereo-microscopes equipped with digital camera; 2 compound microscopes equipped with DIC, phase contrast and digital camera; 2 climatic chambers with controlled temeprature and light; 2 climatic chambers with controlled temperature, light and humidity; 1 PCR thermocyclator; 1 horizontal electrophoresis; 1 vertical electrophoresis apparatus and blotting apparatus apparatus; 1 LED Transilluminator; 1 microcentrifuge, 1 centrifuge; 2 thermal blocks; 1 laminar flow hood; 2 freezers at -80°C; 2 freezers at -20°C; refridgerators 
Research Lines Agrifood and Environment

Methodologies DNA and RNA extraction and amplification. Cloning. Phylogentic and population genetics analysis. Light and electron (SEM and TEM) microscopy, Confocal laser microscopy. 
Web Site www.tardigrada.modena.unimo.it