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Lab. nameFluorescence spectroscopy 
Principal Investigator Glauco Ponterini 
ComponentsGlauco Ponterini  (Principal Investigator )
Simone Vitiello  (Dottorando )
Davide Vanossi  (Ricercatore )
Monica Caselli  (Ricercatore )
DescriptionWe employ spectroscopic, photophysical and computational tools to monitor molecular structure and behavior. We are interested in proteins and their interaction with drug candidates. Designing and testing mechanistic models for enzyme activity and inhibition by candidate drugs is our final goal. We are also interested in the linear and non-linear electronic spectra and photophysics of chromophoric compounds that show a potential for photonic applications. Steady-state spectroscopic properties are investigated by UV-vis, CD and fluorescence spectroscopies, including linear polarization and anisotropy measurements. Sub-ns time-resolved fluorescence decay measurements provide additional information on fluorophores, including single tyrosines and tryptophans in proteins. State-of-the-art computational tools, including those based on TDDFT theory and on multi-reference multi-state approaches, are used to analyze the excited electronic states of relevant chromophores. We mainly work in vitro. However, we develop fluorescence-based assays for confocal microscopic monitoring of localization, interaction and inhibition of target enzymes within cells.  
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 103 - 41125 Modena 
Keywordselectronic spectra, photophysics, fluorescence, proteins, drugs 
ERC Sectors LS1_1 Molecular interactions LS1_8 Biophysics (e.g. transport mechanisms, bioenergetics, fluorescence) PE4_1 Physical chemistry PE4_2 Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques PE4_13 Theoretical and computational chemistry  
InstrumentationHoriba Jobin-Yvon FluoroMax3 and FluoroMax4 spectrofluorometers and TCSPC. ns laser flash photolysis.  
Research Lines Translational Medicine

Methodologies UV-vis spectroscopy CD spectroscopy Fluorescence spectroscopy Time-correlated fluorescence single-photon counting TDDFT-theory-based computational tools Fluorescence confocal microscopy.