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Lab. nameFood Chemistry and Technology Lab 
Principal Investigator Andrea Antonelli 
ComponentsAndrea Antonelli  (Principal Investigator )
Francesca Masino  (Ricercatore - Ricercatore Universitario )
Giuseppe Montevecchi  (Ricercatore - RTD A )
DescriptionThe research activity involves the study of food matrices, with particular attention to the technological aspects and their influence on volatile compounds, chemical composition, and sensory quality. The research activities involve the oenological field, the lipids and the fruit sector, through seting up and application of analytical methods aimed to quality control of food, product and process studies in order to optimize the quality and the development of innovative products. Main research activities: 1) Chemical and chemico-physical characterization for the evaluation of product and process modifications to safeguard quality and safety. 2) Studies of targeted compounds that are important in defining nutritional healthy properties of food . 3) Consumer test and sensorial profile study of food. 4) Studies of correlation between sensory and instrumental data. 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsFood, aromatic compounds, oenological products, innovation of process, innovation of product 
ERC Sectors LS9_5 Food sciences (including food technology, nutrition)  
InstrumentationGas chromatogry, HPLC, GC-MS 
Research Lines Agrifood and Environment

Methodologies Methods for extraction, identification, and characterization of pigments from raw materials and final products. In wine industry, these studies are focused on the determination of coloured flavonoids (as an index of grape ripening), on sensory properties of the wine, and on the physio-chemical transformations that occur during wine-making. For instance, anthocyanin composition is a phenotypic trait distinctive of the red cultivar and it can represent a chemical marker for the authenticity determination e of the grapes and the adulteration of wines. Procedures for determination of compounds, which originate during the thermal processes (i.e. must cooking) and the aging of the oenological products. Methods for determination of aromatic compounds in oenological products as a consequence of winemaking process: use of enzymatic preparations, use of selected yeast strains with clear peculiarities in flavour production, prefermentative procedures, etc. Methods for determination of food contaminants of exogenous origin (phthalates) or produced by the thermal processes (HMF, furans, acrylamide). Procedures for the training of judges and for the development of a sensory glossary for quantitative descriptive analysis aimed to obtain sensory profiles that are correlated to food quality also in relation with consumer's expectations.