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Lab. nameGene Transfer and Gene Therapy  
Principal Investigator Fulvio Mavilio 
ComponentsFulvio Mavilio  (Principal Investigator )
DescriptionWe study the molecular mechanisms underlying target site selection of retroviruses, and the role of viral vector design in influencing integration and perturbation of gene expression in human somatic cells. By a combination of genomic, bioinformatic, biochemical and imaging techniques, we study the role of transcriptional regulatory elements and transcriptional complexes in targeting viral pre-integration complexes (PICs) to specific chromatin regions in the host cell nucleus. Transcriptional profiling, chromatin immunoprecipitation-based approaches and bioinformatics is used to associate frequent integration clusters to annotated feature of the human genome and to epigenetic marks characteristics of enhancers, promoters, transcribed genes and heterochromatin. The role of genetic and protein components of the PICs in directing tethering to chromatin is analyzed by genetic and biochemical approaches. 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsRetroviruses, human genome, chromatin, transcription 
ERC Sectors 
Research Lines Translational Medicine