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Lab. nameHistocytological and molecular pathology  
Principal Investigator Lorena Losi 
ComponentsLorena Losi  (Principal Investigator )
DescriptionThe research is focused on the study of morphological and molecular alterations involved in the neoplastic pathogenesis; central to the study is the identification of genetic and epigenetic alterations to search biomolecular markers for diagnosis, prognosis and selective therapies in neoplasias particularly colorectal and ovarian tumours. Collaborations: Maria Paola Costi: Translational research through proteomic studies in ovarian cancer for unique marker tool discoveries; Alexis Grande: Comprehension of mechanisms of chemopreventive agents in colorectal cancers and characterization of clinical, pathological and molecular features related to the altered expression of implicated proteins; Susanna Molinari: Molecular characterization of the role played by MEF2 factors in neoplastic pathogenesis; Graziella Pellegrini: Characterization of epitelial stem cells and their applications in cellular and gene therapies; Marcello Pinti: Comprehension of mitocondrial proteases regulation in colorectal carcinogenesis; Daniela Quaglino: Research and validation of markers for ectopic calcification.  
Addressvia del Pozzo, 71 - 41124 Modena 
Keywordspathological anatomy, colorectal cancer, ovarian carcinoma, histocytological diagnosis, immunohistochemistry 
ERC Sectors LS2_8 Epigenetics and gene regulation LS4_6 Cancer and its biological basis LS7_2 Diagnostic tools (e.g. genetic, imaging)  
InstrumentationAutomated IHC/ISH slide staining system Ventana Roche Benchmark XT; multiple microscope; microtome; cryostat; hoods; automatic tissue processor; unit of inclusion; ventilated ovens  
Research Lines Translational Medicine

Methodologies 1. Histocytological examination and diagnostics of different tissues and organs both normal and pathological; 2. Macroscopical examination and sampling of tissues and organs ; 3. Procedures of frozen and paraffin embedding of tissues and cells; 4. Special stains:histochemistry; 5.Immunohistochemistry (IHC) on fresh and fixed in formalin and paraffin embedded specimens (FFPE); 6. Molecular pathology: in situ hybridization (ISH) and other molecular techniques