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Lab. nameLPP - Laboratorio di Palinologia e Paleobotanica 
Principal Investigator Anna Maria Mercuri 
ComponentsAnna Maria Mercuri  (Principal Investigator - Professore associato )
Eleonora Clò  (Dottorando - Dottoranda M3ES )
Assunta Florenzano  (Ricercatore - RTDb BIO/02 )
Gabriel Servera-Vives  (Assegnista - MSCA-IF Fellowship (2020-2022) )
Giovanna Bosi  (Collaboratore - Ricercatore )
Paola Torri  (Collaboratore - Personale tecnico )
Rossella Rinaldi  (Collaboratore - Collaboratore coordinato e continuativo )
Eleonora Rattighieri  (Collaboratore - Collaboratore cococo e consulente )
Elisa Furia  (Collaboratore - Laureato frequentatore - cococo ERC UniSiena )
DescriptionLabPalPal studies environmental - climate change and human impact through the perspective of palynology (pollen in modern and past contexts) and archaeobotany (seeds, fruits and wood/charcoals). The laboratory hosts the largest reference pollen collection in Italy, and a large collection of seeds and fruits. The Lab coordinates national and international networks (GPPSBI: Group of Palynology and Palaeobotany of the Italian Botanical Society; BRAIN: Botanical Records of Archaeobotany Italian Network). It has prevalently operated in the field of botany and past environmental reconstructions in cooperation with archaeologists and geologists since the beginning of the ‘80s. Presently, the main research topics are cultural landscape development as a joint action of ecological features and human impact in a given environment; the role of plants in cultural evolution, past climate oscillations and environmental transformations, especially from the Lateglacial to the present (last 14,000 years), and in the Mediterranean and Saharan areas. Key sites: Takarkori-Libya; Lake Ohrid-Fyrom; Mediterranean S Italy. 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsPalynology, Archaeobotany, Ethnobotany, Palaeoclimate, Palaeoecology, Cultural landscape, Mediterranean 
ERC Sectors LS8_4 Biodiversity, conservation biology, conservation genetics, invasion biology PE10_6 Palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology SH5_7 Museums, exhibitions, conservation and restoration SH6_2 Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology  
Instrumentationa. 6 research light microscopes (Leitz Diaplan) b. 3 stereomicroscopes (LEICA WildM10, and 1 for charcoal) c. flotation/sieving apparatus d. 3 digital cameras x microscopes (LEICA MC120HD, LEICA MC170HD) 
Research Lines Agrifood and Environment

Methodologies palynological extraction by heavy liquid flotation; treatment for pollen concentration; macroremain flotation and water sieving; microscopical analysis; data elaboration to diagrams 
Web Site www.palinopaleobot.unimore.it