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Lab. nameMicrobial Biotechnologies and Fermentation Technologies 
Principal Investigator Maddalena Rossi 
ComponentsMaddalena Rossi  (Principal Investigator )
Francecso Candeliere  (Dottorando )
Gloria Spampinato  (Dottorando )
Alberto Amaretti  (Ricercatore )
Stefano Raimondi  (Ricercatore )
Alan Leonardi  (Ricercatore )
DescriptionResearch activity focuses on the following topics: - fermentative processes for the production of metabolites and/or enzymes with nutraceutical, agro-food, and industrial interest, in particular with the utilization of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. - function of gut microbiota, probiotics, and prebiotics: application of culture dependent and indepentent techniques to study probiotics and prebiotics, the physiology and the metabolism of intestinal population, to develope innovative probiotic strains with peculiar healthy effects - microbial starters for food biopreservation and transformation, food microbiota composition, and traceability of the starters. 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 103 - 41125 Modena 
KeywordsProbiotics, microbiota,starters,fermentation technology,  
ERC Sectors LS2_1 Genomics, comparative genomics, functional genomics LS2_4 Metabolomics LS2_10 Bioinformatics LS6_7 Microbiology LS6_7 Microbiology LS6_9 Bacteriology LS8_3 Systems evolution, biological adaptation, phylogenetics, systematics, comparative biology LS8_10 Microbial ecology and evolution LS9_1 Non-medical biotechnology and genetic engineering (including transgenic organisms, recombinant proteins, biosensors, bioreactors, microbiology) LS9_5 Food sciences (including food technology, nutrition)  
Instrumentation- Microbiology: anaerobic cabinet, 2 laminar flow cabinets, static and shaking incubators, phase contrast and epifluorescence microscope with image acquisition system - 9 laboratory-scale stirred tank bioreactors - Electrophoresis equipment for nucleic acids and proteins (agarose electrophoresis, PFGE, DGGE, 2DE-MS, densitometer, gel imaging system) - 3 termocyclers for PCR and qPCR - Analytics: microtiter, UV-VIS, HPLC-RID, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, Akta System - Sample preparation: stomacher, freeze dryer, 2 6-liters centrifuges, 2 benchtop centrifuges, rotovapor 
Research Lines Agrifood and Environment

Methodologies General microbiology methodology (isolation and cultivation of mesophilic and extremophilic, aerobes and anaerobes microbes); Fermentation technology (bioreactor cultures in batch, fed-batch and continuous condition); General Molecular Biology Techniques (DNA cloning and expression, PCR, electrophoresis of DNA, RNA); Protein expression in microbial host (purification, biochemical characterization, SDS-PAGE); Culture independent Techniques for description of microbial community (FISH, RAPD-PCR, TRFLP, DGGE, q-PCR, analysis of metagenome datasets); Analytical Techniques (GC-MS, HPLC, HPLC-MS, SPME, Purge and Trap)