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Lab. nameTE.FAR.T.I. 
Principal Investigator Maria Angela Vandelli 
ComponentsMaria Angela Vandelli  (Principal Investigator )
DescriptionResearch involves the application both in traditional pharmaceutical technology (formulation, optimization and characterization of conventional dosage forms to stabilize new drugs, or testing new polymers and excipients) and in the field of innovative pharmaceutical nanotechnology. Particularly, the research is focused on nanomedicine and theranostic fields in collaboration with several academic groups: 1.       Drug delivery and targeting: formulation and characterization of micro and nanosystems (unmodified and modified polymeric or colloidal carries like microsphere, polymeric nanoparticles, liposomes, lipidic-based systems and nanoemulsion) a)      to increase the bioavilability (i.e. antitumaral drug such as Nutlin), b)      to stabilize and prolong the release of drugs and genetic materials (i.e. oligo and siRNAs), c)       to cross BBB and to selectively target different CNS cell populations, d)      to selectively target tumoral cells, e)      to promote the endo-lysosomal escape and cytoplasmatic release. 2.       Formulation, characterization and application of multifunctional nanomedicines (QD - polymeric nanoparticles) for multimodal imaging (i.e. tracking of carriers and drug delivery). 3. Tissue engineering/Collegen matrices (scaffolds, sponges and membranes), to be applied in the field of tissue regeneration 
Addressvia Giuseppe Campi, 287 - 41125 Modena 
Keywordspharmaceutical technology, drug delivery and targeting, nanomedicine, drug stability, chemico-physical characterization 
ERC Sectors 
InstrumentationSpectrofotometer UV V-530 (Jasco) DSC: DSC 200 DC (Netzsch) Lyophilizer (Heto LyoLab 300), Zetameter (Malvern Instruments Nano ZS), Fluorescence Microscope (AXIOPHOT, Zeiss, West, Olympus Analyzer), Cryotome CM3000 (Leica Instruments GmbH, Germany), Microtome Jang SM 2000R (Leizt, Wetzlar, German), Spray-drying (Master Flex L/S, Cole Parker), Spray drier (Büchi), Air Circulation System Heater (Nemmert), Ultra-centrifuge RC 28S (Sorvall) 
Research Lines Translational Medicine

Methodologies Technologies for pharmaceutical formulation; planning and standardization of drug formulation; production of drug delivery systems; nanomedicine-based technologies; surface engineering of nanosystems; quantitative evaluation of drug content and drug release; chemico-physical characterization of drug delivery systems;  
Web Site www.tefarti.unimore.it